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1. Quick Links off Home Page The proposed navigation framework adds levels of navigation for the user. For example, in the past, users could navigate to the Parks, Forestry and Recreation landing page with just one click, now it would take at least three clicks.

Users are accustomed to finding a specific link off the homepage. If that information is not available all of the sudden, users may become frustrated.

The 'quick links' model provides instant recognition of services without having to read and think about where to click.

2. Header Title
ALL CAPS is difficult to read. Enlarging the size of the navigation button and using lower case will improve readability.

3. Page Structure
Group primary navigation to differentiate from feature content.

Highlight the search feature as an alternative way to find information. Are there other alternatives to help find information (e.g. popular links, list of divisions).

   Suggested Modifications

   Living in Toronto Landing Page

1. Header Text ALL CAPS font is difficult to read. Can we explore other graphic tools to highlight and emphasize text.

For example, "HOME, CONTACT US, HOW DO I...? readability could be improved.

2. Top Blue Bar This is part of the graphic design and feel of the page, but its potential for functionality should be explored.

Blue bars on this page indicate navigation. To maintain consistency on the page, the Top blue bar should have some navigational functionality. Otherwise, the graphic design should change to indicate there is no functionality there.

3. Calendar This area takes a lot of space without communicating very much. Using a smaller icon, or putting up an example of an upcoming event would be more efficient.

4. Underline Links Underlining text allows users to quickly identifies links. However, it is no longer a necessary feature and is cumbersome in design. Provided that the method for indicating links is consistent (for example, using the same colours for all links), the usability of linked text is maintained while design potential is greatly increased. As examples, visit
http://www.microsoft.com http://www.cbc.ca

5. Maintain Consistency of Page Elements and Differentiate Main Components. The page should have some clearly defined areas. A navigation area, a main content area, and a feature area. Each area should have its own style and be designed as a unit. For example on this mock-up:

  • Left column: A blue bar with a white clickable arrow equals navigation.

  • Main Content Area Feature: "This just in" is part of a feature box and should have it's own style. Making the text lower case and adding minor design features turns this into a 'highlight' area.

  • Right Hand Column: The feature headers are not part of the main navigation of the site and should look different.

6. & 7. Content Management "Featured Services" and "Previous News and Events" are buried. We have lost the readers attention by the bottom of the page.

8. & 9. Clear and Concise Language Can we find ways to shorten the text. Have expanding text options or click for more details, etc. Will everyone understand colloquialisms such as "this just in"? What does "What do you want to do today?" tell me about what information I will find there. Is it about the activities and events that are happening today, or what I want to accomplish on the site today?

   Suggested Modifications

An example of our suggestions...

1. Header Text Readability is improved with bigger graphic boxes and eliminating ALL CAPS text.

2. Top Blue Bar Functionality The graphic design quality of the blue bar is maintained, but we have added functionality and information that will help users navigate the overall website.

3. Calendar Added a sample of the information that users will find in this section.

4. Underline Links We have explored alternative ways to represent linking text. Linking indicators are still consistent and easily recognizable without breaking the flow of the page with multiple underlines.

5. Maintain Consistency of Page Elements and Differentiate Main Components Minor changes to header text directs the flow of the page. Different components are immediately recognizable and grouped together in an organized way.

6. & 7. Content Management Combining "Previous News and Announcements" with the "News and Announcements" box connects this information to the rest of the page.


Other Features:

Contact Us Feature If someone wants to talk to us in person, we would like to demonstrate that we are welcoming and happy to field their call.
*Reference:"2008 critique of PFR website", e-LERN (a North American based organization)

Breadcrumbs Helps users orient themselves within the site and assists in being able to retrieve information.


   311 Redesign

        The divisional page builds on the new look and feel of the Online Services Portal http://www.toronto.ca/onlineservices/index.htm

   Suggestion: PFR Home Page