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Regarding 3 Monthly Service Update for Management

This report outlines real-time details as of 12/09/2006 16:17:07 covering the last three months statistics of Wavex's performance in supporting their customers. This is broken down into the following:

  • Performance metrics against our service level targets;
  • Our customers satisfaction ratings.

Speed of response for support issues over the past 3 months.

This graph represents the time it has taken for all issues from all customers over the previous 3 months to be resolved starting from the minute the call is placed with us to the successful resolution of the issue raised.

Not only has Wavex responded to 98% of issues within the standard SLA (4 hour response), this graph shows that 75% of calls have also been resolved during this time.

NOTE: Certain calls which may require third party involvement, the purchasing of hardware /software, project work or companies that have opted out of Wavex's NETi support solution may skew the data, however, these calls are included for completeness.

Numbers of calls

Wavex's standard response time is 4 hours. This means that you will receive a response within 4 hours of raising an issue. We pride ourselves on our ability to resolve problems far more quickly than is the industry norm. Set out below is a graph showing real-time statistics for the time taken to resolve all IT support issues.

This graph measures the time taken to resolve a problem (in minutes) once an engineer has begun working on it. Please note that this also includes statistics from companies that have opted out of Wavex's NETi support - which will bias overall resolution times.

Wavex customers feedback over previous 6 months

When a call is closed, an email is sent to the individual who originally raised the call. This email allows them to rate the performance of our engineer/helpdesk staff and provides them with the ability to re-open the call if they feel it has not been completed to their satisfaction. Obviously we appreciate feedback in whatever form either through this mechanism or directly to your account manager.

The below table represents the feedback we've received to date.

Type of feedback Total received
Negative 97 (0.4%)
Neutral 2467 (10.4%)
Positive 21050 (89.1%)
Calls re-opened 285 (1.2%)

Types of calls received over last 3 months.

Wavex attempt to catagorise each call received to highlight trends and areas which may need to be addressed.

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