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Introduction to Wavex

Wavex has been providing outsourced desktop and network management support since 1998 and currently supports a client base in excess of 3,000 desktops spread over 180 customers. Wavex's customers operate in many industry sectors including law firms, accounting practices and corporates.

Wavex's focus is primarily on network and desktop management, and hardware and software support, however, Wavex also provides a significant part of the IT value chain required by the medium sized enterprise market from IT procurement, installation, security, connectivity, remote access solutions and database management, all aligned with the core IT support needs of our customer base. Wavex offers a comprehensive service relying on a mixture of remote support and assistance, together with qualified on site support to provide total network and desktop support.

Wavex is, and has been for the past six years, a Microsoft Certified Partner. Wavex was the first company to identify and write a fix for the 'I Love U' virus receiving recognition in various newspapers and online sources. The systems developed and utilised by us to provide support have been independently recognised as leading edge network management and support applications.

Case Studies

"One major advantage of Wavex is their ability to provide proactive monitoring of our network and high quality remote support - through their NETi application",
Dan Coleby, Memorex MIS Manager

Read more about this and other case studies here

Case studies in PDF format (You will need Acrobat to view these)
Whiteoaks (Public Relations)
Instrumental Media Group (Broadcasting)
Memorex (Digital Media)
Radiator PR (Marketing)
Water UK (Industry Representative)
Heron (Real Estate)

How our services are different

Rather than using support products widely available on the market, Wavex designed processes and applications to provide the services customers actually wanted. We spoke to our clients, we talked with our engineers and spent a year listening; gathering reactions to outsourcing of IT services from various companies and took the time to understand how we can be better.

We then spent another two years developing our own solutions and designing a service model based on excellence, response and communication (in fact, we are always making improvements!). Quite unlike any solutions currently available, they all had one focus in mind - client needs.

  • NETi

    "........ other network management packages can't come close to it in terms of detail and speed " .
    Network Computing Magazine.

    NETi was a first mile-stone, an application designed to allow Wavex to support our clients without interrupting your business. It's different because it's fast, allows us to solve problems significantly quicker than other methods. This means that you spend less money on support, you receive a better service and lose less money through downtime. Network Computing wrote a highly complementary two page article on NETi. Read more

  • Wavex Extranet

    We realised our customers want us to be accountable and they want to be informed. With a view to ensuring excellent service and communication with our clients we developed the Wavex Extranet, a web based portal which provides our customers details about everything we've done, doing and are going to do. Wavex also does all the 'number crunching' to provide you 'real time' information on how well we are meeting our SLA.

    It allows you to see what your IT support costs are actually being spent on with a fully detailed invoicing history, all outstanding and closed calls, individual support usage, training and general IT recommendations as well as providing easy access to your email and our monitoring solution (which we also wrote in-house) and shows you a full audit of all your equipment. Read more

  • Wavex Workflow Database

    After all of this development, we wanted to ensure that we had back-end systems and processes which were highly honed to providing excellent service. Our client base has expanded quickly and we needed an application to help us manage our clients and our staff!

    We needed a scalable call management system which could help us manage our business. So, we went back to the drawing board and developed WWS (the Wavex Workflow System).

    In order to be a truly proactive IT outsourcing provider supporting different clients with different requirements and networks, we need to maintain a lot of technical information about our clients networks and servers. The Wavex Workflow System maintains all of the information we need in one place to resolve your problems quickly, including site configuration, call history, employee contacts, IT related supplier contacts for each client are maintained and immediately accessible for managing work flow processes. We have even integrated WAP access to our call management system to ensure engineers arrive on site (when going on site is necessary) ready to address all issues.

  • Out of Hours Support

    Wavex can also offer you 24 hours support, covering any time difference with remote offices, or to continue to support your staff while they work from home or abroad.

If you want to see more of these systems in operation, click here for an on-line demo.

The Wavex Extranet

Wavex developed a comprehensive web based portal through which customers can choose to manage their services including logging helpdesk calls, reviewing real time server monitoring and network status and general account management is handled. Further areas of the Extranet provide customers with access to their office email via the web and access to their office desktop via a secure virtual private network (“VPN”).

The Extranet also provides customers additional means to raise calls, even deciding on the period of time that elapses prior to receiving an update.

Wavex also supports automatic sign-off. This is a procedure that provides a number of individuals within a company with the ability to decide if support calls should be allowed to proceed. This provides customers with complete control over their use of Wavex’s support services and costs.

A management section provides a range of real-time reports which detail various aspects of customer’s use of Wavex’s resources including reports like:-

  • Resource Utilisation Report/ Support Hours

    These reports show the allocation of support to various individuals. This can help to identify uneconomic assets or specific training needs of users. Also, details of pre-purchased support hours can be viewed with the ability to purchase additional hours on-line.

  • Historical Support Usage

    This report is designed to show how Wavex is reducing the overall support spend. It provides details of the average support used per week.

  • Preventions

    When a call is completed, an engineer will update it with the details of the solution, the engineer will also state whether the call could have been prevented. The preventative measures may be training, updated infrastructure, etc. This report provides a breakdown of cumulative support hours which could have been prevented if certain steps had been taken.

See our Extranet for yourself

Username: demouser
Password: demouser
Click here

Recent Media Stories

  • Wavex's CTO Gavin Russell wrote an article on the benefits of Outsourcing for Business XL magazine. See the article

  • NETi received acclaimed recognition from Network Computing magazine. "... other network management packages can't come close to it in terms of detail and speed".

  • We were the first company to write the fix for the "I Love U" virus. Receiving recognition in, amongst others, the Metro London paper. See the article

  • We have written articles on issues like viruses, firewalls and other security areas for PC Magazine, and The Guardian.

Where we are based

Wavex are quickly building a network of national offices for complete UK coverage. We currently have offices in several locations with our head office in Covent Garden, London

  Wavex Technology Limited
Kingsbourne House
229 - 231 High Holborn
T: 020 7395 1280

Support Costs

Wavex can offer either a "Variable" rate charge structure or a fixed "All inclusive" rate. If you would prefer, the initial cost structure can be variable and you can then switch to fixed once you have a good understanding of usage requirements and patterns. Travel is charged on a time and costs basis only where your offices are located more than ½ hour away from one of our office locations around the UK.

Variable Rate Costs

The cost of Wavex's Variable Rate services which enable clients to effectively pay for what is used is as follows:

  • £150.00 plus VAT per month for Wavex Service Fees including hardware router and firewall (where required), deployment of NETi remote network management software across the whole of your network, remote access to emails*, access to the Wavex Extranet.

  • Server monitoring from £43.00 per month per server.

*For Microsoft Exchange users only.

Thereafter, we charge for our services on a time basis of £85.00 per hour. Telephone and remote support is charged in increments of 15 minutes and on site support charged in increments of 30 minutes.

We are often asked, "how much will it really cost?" For reference, the "industry average" support for users is generally around 3 - 5 hours of support per user per year, which means you can expect to pay around £255.00 - £340.00 per person on average per year. In reality, some people use more time and some less depending on the quality of their PC's and their general IT literacy.

Fixed Rate Costs

For clients seeking to cap their monthly support costs, Wavex can offer an all-inclusive fee structure. We will establish a monthly cost per PC/Server after reviewing your IT infrastructure and discussing with you the nature of users queries and the type of support required. For general reference, monthly charges start from £55.00 per PC per month + VAT. This will include unlimited use of the helpdesk for remote and on-site support AND unlimited on-site support* (certain exclusions apply). Server monitoring is charged separately.

*Certain activities like server rebuilds, work which may be of a project nature or 'acts of god' i.e. office fire, coffee spilt over a laptop, is excluded from the all-inclusive fee.

Support Contracts

We support many different clients and understand that every business has unique requirements. As a result of this we can offer various support options that best suit your IT needs.

Our standard Support Contract gives you a guaranteed time for us to respond to a request for support. The standard is a 4 hour response although, if specified, this can be lower for critical devices. Through the use of NETi, most response and resolution times are within minutes and our Extranet provides statistics to show this.

We are proactive in our approach to IT, which means we can check backups, disks and disk space, ensuring that any server errors are acted upon and general house keeping is maintained.

Through the use of NETi and our other monitoring solutions we are immediately informed should a problem occur.

Each support contract contains an SLA (Service Level Agreement) which outlines the role and responsibilities of both parties. Click here to see an example

Having a support contract provides the following:-

  • After the initial three month trial period, you may terminate the contract with only three months notice.
  • You receive a hardware firewall and a remote access solution at no extra charge.
  • We can monitor any item of your infrastructure.
  • Service packs are implemented when agreed (not necessarily on initial release by Microsoft).
  • Standard software updates are applied.
  • Our NETi product is provided at no extra charge.
  • Virus scanners are kept up to date.
  • Priority response compared to non-service contract customers.
  • Access to Wavex's Extranet which provides access to your office resources (email, desktop..) as well as on-line invoice details, historical details of work carried out as well as real-time reports to help reduce your IT costs.
  • A replacement service for infrastructure (servers, PCs, printers) can be held in case of system failure.
  • Telephone, on-site and remote access support.

Server Availability Monitoring Services

Server Monitoring was developed to provide reactive and proactive monitoring of server hardware and operating system errors as well as checking external connectivity to and from multiple networks:

Proactive Monitoring

Wavex's Proactive Server Monitoring application is a lightweight service that runs on all managed servers. It sends Wavex data containing the following information:

  1. Disk space - Ensuring there is adequate space remaining on your drives
  2. And service status changes. If a critical service stops, an alert is sent to the monitoring application.
  3. TCP/IP setup details. (Public IP address of site, default gateway of site, server IP address)
  4. Current CPU and memory utilisation.
  5. Details of events from eventlogs. This information is supported by a knowledgebase which further priorities the events. Depending on the criticality, engineers are automatically notified by email.
  6. Contents of window popups. This further increases our response times to Dr. Watsons or other application crashes which may only generate a desktop alert.

The application uses a lightweight UDP based protocol to prevent any degregation of network performance even if you have hundreds of servers running on your LAN.

It also provides extensive data manipulation allows cross comparisons of problems across all servers. Ideal for planned upgrades.

Reactive Monitoring

Wavex's Reactive Server Monitoring Services utilise a highly customised Whats Up Gold, application to monitor all the clients through a secure VPN. Wavex reactive monitoring:-

  • Network availability - external/internet access monitoring internet connectivity
  • Service state - Up/down and availability measured against third party Service Level Agreements
  • Various TCP ports (SMTP, HTTP, FTP)
  • SNMP can also be monitored to show traffic utilisation
  • Web based reporting for live and historic analysis and performance measurement.

Wavex IT Management Matrix

For clients looking for a broad range of services performing the complete functions of an internal IT team, Wavex offers a fully Managed Service. Depending on the size of the organisation, complexity of infrastructure and the level of need for on-site hands-on support and planning, Wavex can offer the three levels of IT support outlined below.

Support Levels Scope of Responsibilities Function Overview Wavex Solutions

Level 3

Consultancy and Planning

IT Strategy, Policy Management and Budgeting
  • High level planning, business focused
  • Management, controls and security
  • Financial planning and prioritisation
  • Consultancy services Business oriented needs assessment
  • Current infrastructure assessment Critical Systems Maintenance Review
  • Periodic review meetings with business management to assess IT needs and suitability of infrastructure to meet business drivers
  • Level 2

    Senior Network Administration

    Infrastructure Management
  • Implementation of IT strategy
  • Project management
  • Responsibility for service levels and delivery of functionality of systems according to business needs and budget
  • Third party ICT supplier management
  • Data integrity and accessibility (back-ups, file structure management)
  • Network access and remote access services
  • Wavex Dedicated Tier 2 engineer or Senior Administrator on site full or part time depending on day to day needs
  • Wavex support for in-house Tier 1 support if required
  • Infrastructure maintenance on pre-defined scheduled maintenance supported by on-site support when required
  • Level 1

    User Support

    Day to Day IT Support Services
  • Day to day support (user queries and infrastructure support)
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Policy enforcement and monitoring
  • Operation of a helpdesk for telephone and remote Tier 1 support (user support, day to day trouble shooting)
  • Proactive and Reactive monitoring solutions for servers and connectivity
  • Wavex Dedicated Tier 1 engineer or desktop support administrator
  • Remote Working Solutions

    We recognised our clients growing need to work remotely and still get access to their office emails and files. That's why Wavex includes secure, encrypted VPN ("virtual private network") access to your offices for selected employees so files and all office services can be utilised from anywhere in the world. In addition, Wavex also provides remote access to emails via the Wavex Extranet (see above).*

    * Available to Microsoft Exchange users only

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