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Wavex has spent a great deal of time ensuring its customers are happy - Wavex supports a large range of clients in many diverse verticals. Ultimately, if you have a PC/Mac on your desk then Wavex can bring a considerable benefit to your company.

Please take a look at the case studies to see how Wavex has helped their customers.

"One major advantage of Wavex is their ability to provide proactive monitoring of our network and high quality remote support - through their NETi application."  Memorex
"With Wavex we can operate with confidence and can concentrate on our core activities. Most importantly, they employ the right people to do the job and have clearly invested in the best people. They are a business, not a one-man band. We get the benefit of their total organisation from immediate access to helpdesk and remote access services and a highly trained on site capability."  Company Management
"For those of us who are not as computer literate as most, Wavex has helped us in an uncomplicated understanding way, always finding time to explain what to do next in the computer problem mine field. Great Help! Great Service and most importantly at a price that our small but expanding business can afford!"  Tiger Lil's
"Wavex has provided us with a perfect solution in terms of the immediacy of an engineer that knows us well on site three days per week and the facility of the Wavex helpdesk in the interim. Wavex's systems provide the helpdesk and engineers with comprehensive knowledge of our IT infrastructure and call history to provide a seamless service."   Instrumental Media Group
"In addition to performing an excellent virtual in-house IT role, Wavex are able to help us with system upgrades and larger scale projects. Their helpdesk answers the scope of questions and problems that we encounter everyday and their on site teams are responsive and efficien."  Innocent Drinks
"Wavex's speed of response is excellent. The level of technical expertise and range and breadth of services Wavex can provide is exactly what we needed from an outsourced IT support provider."  Water UK
"First of all we at Danmerc would like to thank you for your brilliant IT support - which is very effecient, painless and smooth. Secondly using your Client Extranet is absolutly fantastic and very customer friendly. With the full report to each invoice, authorising invoices is easy and hassle-free."  Danmerc Property Services
"Wavex is a 'rare fish', fully committed to supporting your company's IT needs at the highest level."  Radiator PR Ltd
"Wavex have always been extremely professional and operate with integrity, not trying to sell us things we don't need. They have made conducting business easier with their remote access services and on site support. Their proactive management of our website has even increased the web based inquiries for our services."  Italia Romantica
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