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Neti™ Network Management & Diagnostics

NETi™ Network Management & Diagnostics

Wavex's powerful proprietary network management and diagnostics tool ensures fast and proactive problem detection and resolution, and improves communications between users groups and IT support engineers.

"One major advantage of Wavex is their ability to provide proactive monitoring of our network and high quality remote support - through their NETi application."  Memorex

NETi™, Wavex's proprietary network monitoring application, enables real-time information and diagnostic testing across client networks.

It provides a uniquely better way of diagnosing and resolving network and user issues through an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface. NETi offers engineers a secure, real-time and remote interrogation of every machine on the network at the touch of a button, with minimal impact on users.

With NETi, problems are quickly diagnosed before they impact network uptime, allowing remedial action to be taken that focuses on the real trouble spots, rather than disrupting all users. Instant two-way communication with the entire network, or just selected users, is possible, leading to rapid and highly focused problem resolution.

Although all most users see of NETi™ are the results.

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